Accident at Work Compensation

Work Accident Claim Solicitors

Accident at work may be caused when an employer or staff member has failed to follow the health and safety rules, this includes providing the correct safety equipment to provide you with adequate protection.

You have suffered injuries at work, you may still be entitled to personal injury compensation.

Accidents at work can be distressing experience and have a significant impact financially for any time you take from work.

At Cooper Hall Solicitors, we understand that an accident cannot just affect you, but loved ones too. You may feel that you have no alternative but to return to work and if a claim is made you run the risk of being dismissed. THIS IS NOT THE CASE.

If your employer has failed It may be that you did not have the adequate training to operate machinery at work and as a result to provide you in their duty of care to you and you’ve been injured as a result, then we can help you.

We will offer you’re a FREE initial consultation to assess your claim. This will be a no obligation assessment and will allow you to decide if you wish to pursue a claim.

Once you decide to instruct us our expert solicitors, will guide you along every step of the way to ensure you claim is dealt with as efficiently as possible.

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