Housing Disrepair

Cooper Hall Solicitors

If you are a tenant and your property is in need of repair, then do not suffer in silence!

What is Housing Disrepair?

If your landlord has been notified of any disrepair to your property and has failed to carry out the repairs within a reasonable period of time then you may potentially have a housing disrepair claim against them. If required, we will instruct a surveyor to inspect your property.

Your landlord will be informed of the disrepairs and will be asked to carry out the repairs and compensate you for the inconvenience. If your landlord fails or refuses to do so, we will issue a letter of claim and seek a court order requiring your landlord to carry out the repairs and compensate you.

damaged inside ceiling of a house

Housing disrepair can be complex and confusing. It is not enough to show that your house is in need of repair. You will have to show the problem is there because your landlord has not met their repair responsibility.

Some examples of a housing disrepair claim can include:

  • Damp
  • Water damage via faulty pipes
  • Structural damage
  • Damage to windows and doors

So, call Cooper Hall Solicitors today to discuss your options and costs.


You may be awarded compensation if:

  • damage to your health
  • inconvenience
  • your belongings have been destroyed or damaged.
  • you have been unable to use your home in its normal way.

Compensation for your belongings

At Cooper Hall Solicitors we can claim compensation for items that were damaged or destroyed because of your landlord’s failure to carry out repairs. This can include clothing and bedding ruined by mould or furniture damaged as a result of water leaks.

We will also ensure that you can claim compensation for any of your belongings that were damaged during repair works being carried out.

To assist you with your claim, if you’ve already purchased replacement items, we recommend that you keep any receipts and submit them as evidence as part of your claim.

Damage to health

We understand that disrepairs to your property also impact your health. If you or anyone in your household has suffered ill health as a result of the landlord’s failure to carry out repairs. You will be entitled to compensation this can include both physical or mental health problems.

To assist you with your claim, please ensure you keep hospital reports that show how your health has been affected.


You can claim compensation if you’ve not been able to use your home in the normal way. The level of compensation you will get depends on the level of disrepair and the rent you pay.

Reduction of rent

You can also claim a reduction in your rent or in some cases you will receive a refund of your rent. You can claim this even if your rent has been paid by housing benefit or universal credit. The amount you can claim depends on how much of your home can’t be used. If only half of your home is habitable, the court may decide that your rent should be reduced or refunded by 50%.