Secret Commission Claims

Understanding Secret Commissions

Secret commissions refer to undisclosed payments made by a lender to a broker or intermediary involved in arranging a financial product, such as a motor finance agreement. These commissions are often hidden from the consumer, creating a lack of transparency in the lending process.

The Plevin Court Case

The Plevin case, named after Susan Plevin, brought attention to the issue of undisclosed commissions in the finance industry. In 2014, the UK Supreme Court ruled in favor of Ms. Plevin, stating that she was entitled to claim back the undisclosed commission paid to her lender. The court held that the non-disclosure of a large commission percentage (71.8%) constituted an unfair relationship under the Consumer Credit Act.

The Smith v RBS [2023] UKSC 34

The Smith v RBS case further clarified the implications of the Plevin ruling. In this case, it was established that if the commission paid to the broker exceeded the amount that the consumer reasonably expected, and this was not disclosed, it could render the relationship between the lender and the borrower unfair. The ruling affirmed the principle that undisclosed commissions can undermine the fairness of consumer credit agreements.

Implications for Motor Finance

Both the Plevin and Smith v RBS cases have significant implications for consumers seeking to challenge the fairness of their credit agreements, including those related to motor finance. If you suspect that you may have been subject to undisclosed commissions in your motor finance agreement, you could be entitled to compensation.

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